A Masternode is an important component of the privacy-enhanced cryptocurrency. Masternodes are dedicated servers on the Internet that enable instant transactions and perform the trustless anonymization of users' funds. Masternodes require a certain amount of coin as collateral, a secured server, a full-time Internet connection, and periodic updates.

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Shared Masternode

For those that can’t afford to purchase the full amount of coins that are required to run a Masternode. Masternode shares allow users to accumulatively meet the coin requirement of a Masternode. This is achieved by utilizing a 3rd party service that pools together the funds and sets up the Masternode for the shareholders. The service provider then divides up the Masternode rewards and pays it out to all shareholders of that masternode.

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Take advantage of your cryptocurrency resources to earn rewards and interest.

  • Select the potential coin (high interest with the possibility of the price rising in the future)
  • Deposit the coin into your masternode wallet (provided by our service)
  • Receive interest and rewards daily or weekly

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Why choose us?

Instead of holding your coin until it reaches a higher price, putting your money into a masternode is an efficient solution to make use of your resources.

Our service will facilitate and ease a most sophisticated procedure (including setting up the node) which makes masternode investment easier than ever.

Easy Start

Choose a coin that works for you, reserve a masternode and start earning!

Fast Withdrawal

One-click withdrawal with detailed transaction history. Flexible cancellation terms

24/7 Earning

Your masternode is running 24/7, 365 days a year generating non stop rewards.


Clear terms without hidden fees or commission. Full details of payouts will be provided.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated in-house support team is available 24/7 to answer all technical difficulties.

Powerful Automation

All orders are processed automatically without the need for human interference.

Global Datacenter

We use a low latency worldwide network powered by Scaleway, Vultr and Digital Ocean, enabling us to deploy our service infrastructure worldwide.

Looking for a dedicated masternode for a new coin

Our technicians can provide you with the best custom made masternode with any coin on the market.

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