Terms of Service

Last updated on Feburary 24th, 2018


  1. There is no setup cost at the beginning. The initial costs are covered by our service. Setting up a masternode takes time, effort and deep comprehension in almost all stages, plus a VPS must be installed with Linux, etc. It’s a good deal that our service covers all of these procedures for you. 

  2. Transparency: Any investor in a masternode will always be able to monitor the status of their investment through figures and information such as how many coins are presently in the wallet, when the node will initially run, and the exact amount of coin for their reward. For more detailed information, investors can easily verify this information on our website.
  3. An administrative fee of 5-6 percent of the masternode rewards is charged to cover VPN costs, payment transaction fees, administrative duties, and service development.
  4. We reserve the right to dissolve any masternode at any time for any reason—including but not limited to wallet problems, economical factors, workloads, or security concerns


  1. The masternode collateral is split into separate packages depending on the amount of coins required to run a node. For instance, 1000 Dash coin are required to run a masternode so each package would be 100 coin.
  2. Investors must invest at least the minimum of one package for the masternode in question.
  3. Investors must first register with a username and password. Then, they will see a selection of coin that may be of interest, based on criteria such ROI, percentage of reward, etc. Every single coin chosen can generate a unique private address.
  4. Within at least one package and the address above, investor freely deposit coin into.
  5. As soon as a user finishes registration, chooses a portfolio and deposits packages of coin, he or she will receive a confirmation via email from our service.
  6. There is no limit on the number of packages or coin you may purchase in a masternode.


  1. Payments or rewards are processed daily, twice a week, or weekly depending on the coin. The specific information will be published on the masternode website.
  2. Potential airdrops are considered masternode rewards and are distributed according to shares.
  3. The time window for payments on the payout day is 18:00 - 22:00 UTC.
  4. Amounts of payments are rounded to eight digits after the decimal.
  5. It is your responsibility to provide us with a valid payout address and control the accuracy after the first payout when completing registration procedures.

It is generally not advised to use an exchange address, as you will not have full control over the wallet. That address might change, or the exchange might go offline all together.


  1. The general lock period for investments is within 72 hours (Exceptions: see 4 Extended locks)
  2. There are two ways to receive your shares back from a running masternode:
    1. Withdrawal request: A withdrawal must be made in your dashboard (function of withdraw) and is binding. The coin will be refunded to your payment reward address within 72 hours after the request. During this period, these packages or shares will be publicly opened for replacement. Meanwhile, if no replacement can be found within 72 hours, the masternode will be temporarily disbanded to comply with the request and all the coins (including accrued rewards) would be withheld until we found investors for the remaining packages to continue running nodes.
    Note: The timeframes are a policy. In practice, if you need your coin ASAP we will try our hardest to make it happen.
  3. If you withdraw your coin on any day except the payout day (published in the private node channel) for the appropriate masternode, you forfeit your share since the last payout.

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